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Speech, cognitive, and swallow therapy for adults in Montgomery County, Maryland. 

Live with meaning after neurological impairment!

At Integra Speech we value our patients and caregivers as team members. We partner with you to create goals, and guide you through a treatment plan that restores function. We teach you strategies to manage changes, so you can participate in daily life tasks, and resume activities you love. 

Personalized Therapy Plans to Meet Your Needs


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Improve memory and thinking skills after illness or injury.

Learn strategies to manage changes and resume daily activities.


Improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills after stroke. Learn strategies to manage aphasia, and resume activities you enjoy. 


Improve swallow function after illness or injury. Learn strategies to manage your swallow problem at home, and eat the foods you love. 


Intensive Therapy programs 

for Parkinson's Disease & Dysphagia

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Therapy Program

by Parkinson Voice Project

Voice Therapy for
Parkinson's Disease

Is your voice hoarse due to Parkinson’s Disease?

Do you trail off, or lose your breath at the end of sentences?


Do your friends and family say you speak too softly? 


Regain and maintain your voice with SPEAK OUT! 

Do you have difficulty swallowing after a stroke, brain injury, or head and neck cancer?


Do you want to regain as normal a swallow as possible so you can eat foods you enjoy? 


Recover your swallow with the McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program!

"Physical Therapy for

What Our Clients Are Saying

Independent Living Resident

Ms. LeslieAnn Williams has been my Speech  Therapist at *********, a Senior Living Community. The help I  got from her covered more than her job. I am an 89 year old person,  she helped me build up my confidence  as a human being. Thank you LeslieAnn!

Stroke Survivor

I’ve been able to communicate better and have regained my confidence in holding conversations.

Stroke Survivor

After suffering a stroke, I was somewhat reluctant to talk on the phone or in person, especially if I didn't know the other person, due to my memory problems. I'm now more confident when talking with others on a variety of topics. The suggestions I was given for preparing what I will say before making a phone call are helpful.


Certifications & Affiliations

Therapy Program

by Parkinson Voice Project


Ready to live with meaning after neurological impairment?

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