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 Therapy for Parkinson's Voice Loss

75%-90% of persons with Parkinson's Disease are likely to develop a speech or voice disorder. 

  As Parkinson's Disease progresses, individuals may experience:  

  • Hoarse sounding voice

  • Low volume

  • Slurred speech

  • Trailing off at the end of sentences or running out of breath when they speak

  • Reduced pitch range and monotone speech

  • Speech dysfluencies- slow speech rate, fast speech rate, or stuttering

You can preserve strength, mobility, and endurance of your muscles to slow the impact of Parkinson’s on voice and speech with SPEAK OUT!

SPEAK OUT! is an intensive voice exercise program for persons with Parkinson's Disease. It was developed by the Parkinson Voice Project- a non-profit organization in Texas. SPEAK OUT! combines education about Parkinson’s Disease, with individual speech therapy sessions, and ongoing group sessions (LOUD Crowd) that focus on speaking with intention, focus, and deliberation.  

Patients who complete SPEAK OUT! report: 

  • Reduced hoarseness

  • Increased volume

  • Improved ability to be heard and understood in conversation

The SPEAK OUT! program consists of: 

  1. Voice evaluation by a SPEAK OUT! Provider.

  2. Attending a Parkinson’s Webinar & Information Session.

  3. Twelve individual speech therapy sessions, 3 times per week, for 4 weeks (some individuals may need more, and some may need less sessions based on the severity of their voice problem and response to therapy).

  4. Individual home practice.

  5. Ongoing follow-up with your SPEAK OUT! provider.

  6. Participation in a LOUD Crowd where available for accountability, camaraderie, and continued support from your speech-language therapist, and fellow persons with Parkinson’s Disease. 

Regain and maintain your voice with SPEAK OUT!














Parkinson Voice Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization solely dedicated to improving speech and communication in individuals with Parkinson’s.  The organization is headquartered in Richardson, Texas and has trained more than 10,000 clinicians in more than 40 countries, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, India, Israel, South Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Click here to learn more about SPEAK OUT! and the Parkinson Voice Project. 

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