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"Physical Therapy for Swallowing"

The McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program (MTDP) is an intense swallow exercise program that rehabilitates the swallow in adults.


It is based on the principles of motor learning and exercise physiology, and is designed to help improve muscle function to regain as normal a swallow as possible. 


A good candidate for MDTP can:

  •  Participate in a Modified Barium Swallow Study (MBSS), or FEES. 

  •  Have demonstrated pharyngeal dysphagia (as indicated by the MBSS or FEES)

  •  Actively participate in therapy for the duration of each session (1 hour). 

  •  Participate in 3 uninterrupted weeks of therapy.

  •  Follow directions and respond to cueing.

  •  Complete home exercises daily.

  •  Commit to the intensive therapy and home practice schedule.

Individuals with the following conditions may NOT be good candidates for MDTP: 

  • Zenker’s Diverticulum

  • Impaired esophageal contraction (esophageal dysmotility).

  • Significant surgical reconstruction for head and neck cancer

  • Severe fibrosis (severe tissue scarring) after radiation therapy for head and neck cancer

  • Paralysis of the pharyngeal (throat) muscles on both sides. 

Recover your swallow with MDTP!

* MDTP was developed by Giselle Carnaby, Phd, MPH, CCC-SLP, and Michael Crary, PhD, CCC-SLP of the Florida Dysphagia Institute.


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